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Ben has been privileged to work with such talented artists as...

the Backbeats [3rd place, The Sing-Off, season 2]

Sara Bareilles [3 time grammy nominee, judge of The Sing-Off]

Ben Bram [vocal arranger for The Sing-Off, The Voice]

Catherine Brookman [Broadway revival cast of Hair]

Dan Green

Peter Hollens [The Sing-Off, season 2]


Janelle Kroll

John Park [American Idol & Superstar K]

Matt Ryd

Morgan Karr [Broadway cast of Spring Awakening]

Kol Ish

Raja Burrows

Sean Gorecki

Tasha Koontz



ASU Priority Male

Brandeis Starving Artists

Baylor VirtuOso *

Brown Bear Necessities *

Brown Chattertocks
Brown Jabberwocks
Carnegie Mellon Originals
Centerville HS Forte
U Chicago Voices in Your Head*
Colorado College Back Row*
U Connecticut A Completely Different Note*
U Connecticut Rubyfruit

Cornell After 8
Cornell Class Notes *

Davis Spokes
Elizabethtown Melica
Emory Aural Pleasure *
Emory Dooley Noted
Harvard Under Construction
Harvard Veritones *
U Illinois No Comment *
Johns Hopkins Octopodes *
Loyola Loyolacappella

U Illinois No Comment
U Maryland PandemoniUM *

Miami Open 5th

U Michigan G-Men *

U Michigan Compulsive Lyres

U Minnesota 7 Days *

MSU A Cub Bella



MSU Beartones

U Nebraska Bathtub Dogs *

Northwestern Asterik

Northwestern Brown Sugar

Northwestern Extreme Measures

Northwestern Freshman Fifteen *

Northwestern Purple Haze *

Northwestern Thunk

Northwestern Treblemakers

Northwestern Undertones *

Northwestern X-Factors *

NC State Ladies in Red *

Notre Dame Undertones

NYU APC Rhythm *

NYU N’Harmonics *

OSU Outspoken *

Rochester After Hours

SLU Bare Naked Statues *

SLU Decadence

Truman True Men

U South Carolina Cocktails

USC SoCal VoCals *

Virginia Tech Juxtaposition *

WashU After Dark *

WashU Amateurs

WashU Greenleafs

WashU Mosaic Whispers *

WashU Pikers

WashU Stereotypes *

* Featured on Voices Only or Best of College a Cappella

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